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Know your regulatory obligations, align compliant policies and controls with current regulatory frameworks and establish a defensible audit trail.

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Cybercrime exposes financial institutions to immense financial and reputational losses. By fully-complying with cybersecurity regulation and aligning with industry-standard regulatory frameworks you can mitigate cybersecurity risk.

Long-established financial institutions are reliant on interconnected networks, critical infrastructures and legacy systems, that heighten cybersecurity risk, because they lack resilience and are easy prey for increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

Digital-only financial services technology providers (FinTechs) are also highly-susceptible to cybercrime, due to their extreme dependency on technology and third parties for service delivery.

Gain visibility of your regulatory obligations, align compliant policies and controls with current regulatory frameworks (NIST, ITIL, and more) and establish a defensible audit trail.

Bolster cybersecurity compliance with CUBE

Cybercrime can cause irrepairable damage, ranging from loss of trust and reputation through to financial losses linked to fraud, litigation costs, customer attrition and lost revenues. Failure to comply with cybersecurity regulations can also result in punishing enforcement fines.

Due to the rapid pace of cyber-related regulatory change, CUBE offers your best defense:

  • Have complete visibility of all relevant regulations
  • Quickly align them with your business to ensure you have compliant policies and controls in place, which satisfy current regulatory frameworks
  • Maintain a defensible audit trail that fully evidences your compliance actions and decision rationale

CUBE is for compliance, IT and cybersecurity teams wanting to take the heavy-lifting out of the regulatory change management process, and gain more time to create and apply effective policies and controls.

Driven by artificial intelligence, CUBE Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) replaces manual processes with smart, fast and efficient automation. CUBE DRP captures global cybersecurity regulations, enriches regulatory content and then maps it to individual policies and controls, providing deep insight into the impact of regulatory change across all lines of business and jurisdictions you operate in.

Key features

  • The world’s richest source of global financial services regulatory intelligence
  • A robust, end-to-end platform that automates regulatory change management across the enterprise, addressing many regulatory topics including cybersecurity, financial crime, AML, information assets, technology risk, and more
  • Continuous horizon scanning to quickly identify new, updated and upcoming regulations
  • Intelligent, automated controls mapping all cybersecurity regulations onto a CUBE-developed best practice cybersecurity taxonomy, or your own taxonomy, which may be based on any one of the many industry-standard frameworks (for example NIST, CSC, ISO and FAIR)
  • Automated regulatory gap analysis, pinpointing the impact of regulatory change on your policies and controls, in near-real time
  • Deep insight into the compliance status of all cybersecurity policies and controls, enterprise-wide
  • Consistent application of the right compliant action, at the right time