Regulatory intelligence and change in financial services

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Automating regulatory compliance for global financial institutions

CUBE is a powerful RegTech solution that delivers unprecedented cuts in regulatory costs, and minimizes your risk of non-compliance - whichever jurisdictions, states or countries you operate in.

We automate the capture of global regulatory data, alert you to regulatory changes that pose a compliance risk to your business, pinpoint all policies, procedures and controls that are affected, and enable rapid remediation. We utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to achieve the smartest and most efficient automation possible.

Over many years, CUBE has built deep insight into the impact of regulatory change on financial services institutions, and we are uniquely positioned to ensure that you respond to global regulatory change in the most compliant way possible.


How is CUBE helping global financial institutions to tackle the ever-growing mass of regulatory change?

In this video, CUBE founder and CEO Ben Richmond explains how our pioneering approach to regulatory intelligence and change is helping financial firms to leave the days of large fines, and significant manual labor costs, firmly behind them.

Programme production courtesy of ITN Productions and the International Compliance Association (ICA)


Supporting you globally

From our offices in London, New York and Melbourne we serve customers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We also have a global network of CUBE regulatory experts. If you are in financial services, and are concerned about the way you manage regulatory compliance, contact us for expert advice.

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