CUBE's RegTech solutions

CUBE makes next generation information governance a reality for global financial institutions - mitigating information risk and automating regulatory compliance.

CUBE's next generation information governance solutions provide financial institutions with an automated approach to identifying, analysing and managing their records and data compliance requirements within a multi-regulatory environment, across all jurisdictions.

CUBE was developed following the exponential increase in the volume and complexity of regulations impacting financial institutions, and the inability of decades-old manual processes to address these challenges. When coupled with the effect of increases in both structured and unstructured data, and the vast silos of information being created, it was clear that these highly complex, global organisations needed to take a transformational and automated approach to their regulatory compliance needs.

CUBE's solutions are tailored to a financial institution's specific operational and jurisdictional requirements. CUBE enables financial institutions to realise millions in annual savings by:

  1. Significantly minimising the risk of fines and penalties
  2. Shrinking labour-intensive research costs
  3. Reducing data storage costs

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CUBE Regulatory Data Service

CUBE RDS provides a single view of all global regulations for your records and data – always available and always up-to-date.

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CUBE Process Automation

CUBE Process Automation automates policy execution and compliance processes at records and data level.

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CUBE Regulatory Solutions

CUBE Regulatory Solutions provide integrated information compliance for key regulatory initiatives.

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CUBE Content Cloud

CUBE Content Cloud is a strategic digital content technology platform and cloud proposition specifically designed for financial services organisations.

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CUBE's Transformational RegTech Solutions

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