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Regulatory intelligence

Automatically track and enrich all global financial services regulations, continuously and cost-effectively.

To avoid regulatory breaches and punishing enforcement fines, compliance teams must continuously capture new, updated and upcoming regulation, and understand all regulatory obligations. The starting-point has to be the completeness and accuracy of regulatory content.

If your regulatory content cannot be trusted, your onward analysis is built upon a flawed foundation and your business is at risk.

But regulatory content alone – without any enrichment or downstream automation – has limited value. The challenge is to convert one-dimensional regulatory content into value-laden regulatory intelligence, enabling you to slice, dice, manipulate and map the data in order to understand its impact on your business.

Could you state with conviction to a Regulator or your own Internal Audit team that your regulatory content is fully reliable, and that you have a complete understanding of all your regulatory obligations?

CUBE Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) automatically tracks, captures, tags and classifies financial services regulations, providing you with a single trusted source of global regulatory intelligence, and full visibility of your regulatory obligations.

Read on to see how CUBE DRP tracks and enriches regulatory content to transform it into rich, value added regulatory intelligence.

Capture global financial services regulation automatically and continuously monitor for regulatory change.

CUBE DRP fully-automates the process of tracking and monitoring regulatory content. We continuously crawl the web to capture all regulations that impact a financial service’s business operations, and we continuously check for regulatory change.

We track all regulators, across all jurisdictions. Our regulatory data capture spans more than 180 countries and 60 languages. Simply tell us your regulatory content requirements and CUBE DRP can deliver all relevant data.

In addition to current, enforceable regulation, we scan the horizon for emerging compliance risks from upcoming regulation.

CUBE DRP delivers:

  • The world’s richest single source of global financial services regulation.
  • Fully-automated, real-time capture and continuous monitoring of regulatory content into a single feed, via web-crawling spiders.
  • Complete and accurate regulatory content captured from a multitude of sources, regardless of format: regulations, rules, enforcements, announcements, trend data, consultation papers, speeches and more; from regulators, governments and other related agencies.
  • Continuous horizon scanning – a 24/7 regulatory radar that quickly identifies new, updated and upcoming regulation, providing deep insights into regulatory events and enforcements that may impact your business in the future.
  • Fully-automated translations of regulatory content to English (if needed), transposition to XML and high-level quality assurance.
  • Rules-based workflows that automatically route regulatory alerts and insights, including the source link and an analysis of the likely impact, direct to the responsible business owners.
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Classify all regulatory content robotically, at immense scale and speed, for value-added regulatory intelligence and insights.

CUBE DRP cuts through the noise of the global financial services regulatory universe. We machine-read and auto-classify all regulatory content, to give you a filtered view of all regulations relevant to your business, across all of the jurisdictions you operate in.

We do this at immense scale and very high speed, which is unachievable for firms reliant on manual processes.

For example, it takes just two hours for CUBE DRP to classify 6,000 regulatory rulebooks, including one million regulatory paragraphs, against a specific regulatory theme like AML – compared with several man-years if tagged manually.

CUBE DRP delivers:

  • Ultra-high-speed machine-reading and classification of regulatory data, regardless of source format.
  • Automated tagging at document, section, paragraph and sentence level, utilizing Natural Language Processing, to support highly-granular filtering and context analysis in downstream processes.
  • Ranking of each regulatory statement for relevance to specific regulatory topics, jurisdictions and business functions.
  • Best-practice ontologies, built by CUBE regulatory experts, enable automated mapping to your business taxonomies (e.g. for cybersecurity, information assets, technology risk, AML, and more).
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