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CUBE Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) is the world's most agile solution for regulatory intelligence and change.

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For many financial services firms, regulatory change management is a hugely complex, risky and costly process, which can leave you wondering whether you have the right policies and controls in place.

Currently, you may question the completeness of your regulatory content, may not have visibility of all rules and regulations that are relevant to your business, and may doubt your ability to assess the impact of regulatory change quickly and thoroughly.

Why fly blind when you could be certain you’re taking the right compliant action, at the right time?

CUBE Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) is the world’s richest, single golden source of global financial services regulatory intelligence; and the most agile platform for managing regulatory change, at enterprise scale.

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Capture global financial services regulation automatically and continuously monitor for regulatory change.
Capturing regulatory data
Classify all regulatory content robotically, at immense scale and speed, for value-added regulatory intelligence and insights.
Classifying regulatory content
Map all relevant regulation to your own policies and controls, for deep insights into your regulatory obligations.
Mapping regulatory data
Identify regulatory gaps across your enterprise, know which policies and controls to focus on for remediation and maintain a defensible audit trail.
Regulatory gap analysis