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Regulatory change management

Know when regulatory change happens and how your policies and controls are impacted.

Regulatory change management is a process that all financial institutions – and many other organisations – go through to track, analyse, and implement changes. It’s essential to any compliance framework.

The longer it takes to detect regulatory change and understand which policies, procedures and controls are impacted, the greater your compliance risk.

Can you afford the time it takes to identify relevant regulation changes and respond accordingly?

When it comes to regulatory compliance, the pace, scale and complexity is daunting and the only way to be able to address this is through the application of tools and automation in regulatory change management.

An attempt to overcome the challenges of increasing regulatory overload has inspired global financial institutions to take on regulatory change management programmes, especially utilising automation and technology.

Effective regulatory change management requires robust regulatory intelligence.

Where are the gaps? Challenges of first-generation change management systems

First-generation regulatory change management systems, pre-RegTech and pre-AI, are inherently ingrained in an organisation. The enormity of the task of switching can be an overwhelming thought. But it doesn’t need to be.

Why CUBE can help

With CUBE, you define your business requirements and taxonomy, and we automatically define the universe of regulation that is relevant to your business. We then connect the two together to give you a holistic, bird’s-eye view of your compliance status, globally, across your enterprise.

By automatically alerting you to regulatory gaps as soon as they arise, you have more time to evaluate the impact of regulatory change and make the right, risk-based decisions.

CUBE Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) simplifies the regulatory change management process, giving peace of mind that your regulatory risk is being managed effectively – regardless of which jurisdictions you serve, which lines of business you operate and which regulatory challenges are top of mind.

Map all relevant regulation to your own policies and controls, for deep insights into your regulatory obligations.

Having sight of regulatory data and knowing when regulations change is one thing. Drilling down into regulatory intelligence to understand what is relevant to your business, and extracting your regulatory obligations, is very different.

With CUBE DRP you can:

  • See only the regulatory data that is relevant to your business taxonomy.
  • Automatically map your own business taxonomies to best practice regulatory data models, built by CUBE’s regulatory experts, to gain insight in an instant when existing or new obligations put your compliance status at risk.
  • Filter, slice and dice regulatory data, quickly and easily, by regulatory topic, jurisdiction, line of business, and more. CUBE DRP has the unique ability to deliver a complete view of global regulations, and their cross-border interrelationships, offering unique oversight.
  • Pinpoint all regulatory statements that apply to each policy and control, down to sentence level.
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Identify regulatory gaps across your enterprise, know which policies and controls to focus on for remediation and maintain a defensible audit trail.

When regulatory change is managed manually, delays in assessing the impact of new and updated regulatory statements can expose your business to risk.

It can take days or even weeks – especially for multi-jurisdictional enterprises – to complete regulatory gap analysis and identify all of the policies and controls that must be remediated to restore compliance.

Because CUBE DRP automates repetitive manual processes, you gain more time to interpret the impact of regulatory change and make the right, risk-based decisions, rather than sifting through huge volumes of data, conducting manual searches and populating spreadsheets.

CUBE DRP delivers:

  • Automated notifications which alert business owners to compliance risk, as soon as it occurs.
  • Continuous, AI-driven regulatory gap analysis that automatically pinpoints the impact of regulatory change on your policies and controls.
  • Automated impact assessments to identify policies and controls that fall short of current regulatory obligations and require remediation.
  • Compliance risk reporting and analytics though graphical dashboards and heat maps that are continuously updated to offer at-a-glance, 360-degree insight into your compliance status, enterprise-wide.
  • Defensible audit trails that fully-evidence how you interpreted each regulation, how and when you applied it to your policies and controls, and your decision rationale.
  • Automated enforcement fine tracking that highlights whether any of your policies or controls are placing your business at a similar risk, and may require remediation.
  • 24/7 Regulatory Knowledge Base and “Ask the Expert” service.
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