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About CUBE

Discover why we are exceptionally proud of our company, our immensely talented team and our success.

Our Company

Headquartered in London, CUBE is a global Regulatory Technology (RegTech) provider that empowers regulated financial institutions to meet cross-border compliance challenges head on. We support our global financial services customers from operational hubs in the US, UK and Australia.

Founded in 2011, we remain a privately-owned company funded by customer revenues and strategic growth funding.

Our AI-driven platform is the world’s richest source of financial services regulatory intelligence, and the most robust platform for managing regulatory change at enterprise scale.

Our story

2011 - CUBE Founded

In the wake of the financial crisis, CUBE was quick to envisage the future for regulated financial institutions. The immense volume of regulation. Its exponential growth. The relentless pace of regulatory change. And the complex, contradictory nature of cross-border regulation. We understand your challenges and we pioneered an automated, end-to-end regulatory intelligence and regulatory change management platform, with technology that was way ahead of its time.

2012 - Early Customer Successes

We achieved early customer wins just one year after CUBE was founded. Between 2012 and 2014, CUBE won contracts with a variety of leading UK wealth management firms and iconic Tier 1 global banks. Initially, the most popular use case reflected the focus on the post-financial crisis era; compliance of policies and controls relating to information assets – records, data and customer communications.

2015 - RegTech Trailblazer

Already established as a Regulatory Technology (RegTech) pioneer, 2015 saw a marked expansion of regulatory coverage for CUBE. The reach of our regulatory intelligence grew rapidly, far beyond information governance. CUBE began capturing regulatory intelligence across a wide variety of regulatory topics, and to satisfy global customer requirements we extended our geographical reach to more than 180 jurisdictions.

2016 - Growing Recognition

CUBE was first recognized with RegTech awards and global rankings in 2016. Having established our position at the forefront of the RegTech market, CUBE is regularly applauded by independent judging panels and industry benchmarking experts. Frequently selected for the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT) Missions, CUBE is also involved in accelerator initiatives sponsored by MetLife, DBS, UBS and the Investment Association.

2016 - More Remarkable Capabilities

Since 2016, CUBE’s continued success in gaining industry acclaim and winning customers has led to far-reaching enrichment and company growth. We have built out global customer engagement teams, forged strategic alliances with highly-respected business partners, and, unusually for an innovative post-crisis RegTech provider, we offer genuine follow-the-sun support for our Tier 1 global customers.

2019 - Today

Over the past decade we have listened, learned and collaborated to evolve CUBE into the world’s most robust and expansive enterprise-scale regulatory change management platform. We maintain the richest single source of global financial services regulation; and we are the only company to map this regulatory intelligence onto individual policies and controls, enabling instantaneous impact assessments.

CUBE has vision, passion and experience, so we know the best is yet to come. Come and join us on our journey!


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