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Making sense of regulatory change

Knowing about regulatory change is one thing. Having the regulatory intelligence and analytical capabilities to understand the impact of regulatory change on your business is a very different matter. It may take days or even weeks to re-evaluate your compliance status and remediate non-compliant gaps, especially when you are a financial institution operating in multi-jurisdictional, multi-state, and cross-border environments.

CUBE is an enterprise-wide regulatory intelligence and change platform that automates the entire end-to-end compliance lifecycle. Our flexible platform scales with your business, when you enter new jurisdictions, or add new products and solutions. Whether records and data are your primary concern, or you want to be certain of your regulatory compliance across all policies, controls and procedures as well, CUBE has a solution for you.

Why fly blind, when you could be certain that you are taking the right compliant action, at the right time?

Continuous capture of regulatory change

Your single source of regulatory intelligence and requirements. Automated monitoring and alerts of global regulatory changes, utilizing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Intelligent mapping of regulation to your business

Automated categorization and presentation of all relevant regulations, via the business taxonomy, mapped onto internal policies, procedures, controls and records.

Deep insight into the impact of regulatory change

Fully-automated mapping of the global regulatory framework onto your enterprise, enabling impact analysis by line of business, jurisdiction and product.

Applying regulatory change to maintain compliance

AI-driven workflows identify compliance gaps, and automatically indicate change required to ensure that policies, procedures, controls and records remain compliant.

CUBE Platform

Our key features

Rules-based process automation

Inject speed and agility across your compliance processes. Leveraging the power and innovation of Artificial Intelligence, CUBE delivers best practice for implementation and execution of critical compliance processes.

Open API connector

Seamlessly synchronize the most current regulatory intelligence across your enterprise-wide infrastructure. Ensure that your business is automatically applying the right regulations to policies, procedures, controls and records, at the right time.

Real-time compliance analytics

Get a live, visual representation of your enterprise-wide compliance status. Our compliance heat maps identify all areas of non-compliance, by jurisdiction and line of business, helping you to understand which areas represent the greatest compliance risk.

CUBE Insight

Access our real-time knowledge base for industry trend analysis, information on upcoming regulations, and live updates on fines issued by regulators for non-compliance. Understand how the changing regulatory landscape impacts your business, and prioritize your compliance activities.


Have your very own online compliance assistant to answer your regulatory queries. Our AI-driven CUBOT is your go-to source of regulatory intelligence. Simply ask a question, and CUBOT will leverage CUBE’s regulatory data lake to provide an informed answer, in an instant.