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What is… Regulatory Intelligence?

Regulatory Intelligence goes beyond the surface layer of regulatory data and processing. It is the use of AI capabilities, such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to automate compliance processes and provide smart solutions that think for themselves and do the leg work otherwise done by humans.

Regulatory Intelligence takes a holistic view of the world of compliance, including the challenges of regulatory change management. Using AI, it can help build capabilities to provide deep insights into all aspects of the regulatory chain, from regulatory obligations to operational risks and controls. It can help to fully interpret what is relevant for firms, functions and processes, while also helping to prioritise the critical aspects of regulatory updates or identify ‘blind spots’.

How does CUBE use Regulatory Intelligence?

CUBE’s Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) runs algorithmic scripts and web analysis to capture global regulatory data in 180 jurisdictions. This unstructured data – whether the format is a regulatory rule book, PDF, Excel document – is then converted by the CUBE DRP into a single normalised format. CUBE’s DRP also employs automatic translation so that all documents are available in English, as well as their native language.

Once this regulatory data has been captured, converted and translated – CUBE extracts its meaningful information and establishes the relevance of the regulations. This isn’t a document-by-document process, CUBE DRP is actively running this process on thousands of data sets at any one time.

Furthermore, the data is automatically classified using CUBE’s RegOntology, which maps the now structured data against an ontological structure to bring meaning and regulatory insight to the end-user.

Through this deep enrichment process, CUBE is essentially converting generic regulatory data into meaningful and useful regulatory intelligence for its customers.

CUBE’s Head of Sales in America, Rob Fulcher, recently sat down to explain – in 7 minutes – what Regulatory Intelligence is and how it has undergone a technological rebranding.

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