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The Benefits of CUBE: Smart

Regulatory change management has come a long way from the days of spreadsheets – and CUBE is continuing to take it one step further.

How is CUBE achieving this?

By applying sophisticated technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), to enrich regulatory data, we can transform regulatory content into meaningful regulatory intelligence.

Once the data has been transformed, financial institutions are able to harness the true potential of their data and appreciate its value across the whole of their business.

What’s special about CUBE’s offering?

Not only can CUBE track regulatory changes from across 180 jurisdictions, our system is able to automatically analyse all this incoming regulatory data and map it to any existing policies and controls.

What’s the benefit to my business?

Because CUBE goes beyond the surface layer of regulatory data and processing to automate these tedious compliance processes, we provide financial institutions with a smart solution that thinks for itself and does the leg work otherwise done by humans.

With our system in place, you will have all relevant regulatory data at your fingertips. You can then can slice and dice it as you see fit; ensuring that you are aware of all your cross-border financial regulatory obligations in an instant so that your business can make smarter, more timely decisions.

This level of detail will allow you to remediate policies and controls as soon as regulations change, and spend more time evaluating upcoming regulation, allowing you to focus on forward-thinking policy management.