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The Benefits of CUBE: Fast

CUBE’s Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) reinvents the way businesses manage regulatory change, meaning that change management is faster than ever before.

How does CUBE achieve this?

By continuously monitoring and collating legislative and regulatory materials published by the world’s global financial issuing bodies and then classifying them against and within our proprietary RegOntology.

When a regulatory change occurs, CUBE’s customers receive instant, automated alerts – meaning they will know that the change that has taken place, as well as the impact it will have on their existing policies and controls.

CUBE breaks down regulatory change at a granular level and provides redlining and easy search functionality to facilitate a quicker understanding of the actual change and impact.

What if I operate across multiple jurisdictions?

We are able to track and capture data on regulatory changes from across 180 jurisdictions and in 60 different languages (which we then translate into English).

What’s the benefit to my business?

CUBE has been designed with speed in mind, enabling you to act fast to:

  • close any compliance gaps,
  • significantly reduce the risk of compliance breaches,
  • and safeguard your company and your clients.