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Reasons to consider CUBE: No.3 – Industry leadership

From the outset, CUBE made a strategic decision to focus exclusively on financial services regulatory change management. Our years of experience meant we knew that we could deliver a clear and sustainable reduction in compliance risk.

Every one of our customers is in banking, wealth management, investment management or insurance. And most of our staff have worked in the sector too.

Having deep knowledge of financial services regulation is the foundation for break-through solutions, shorter implementations, more predictable outcomes and greater value for money. Industry knowledge can only be gained through experience, which CUBE has in abundance.

Headquartered in London, where the business was founded, CUBE has international presence to support all customer requirements. Our heritage is rooted in CUBE’s Digital Regulation Platform and the solutions we drive out of it.

No other company has the breadth or depth of experience in optimizing regulatory change management solutions to meet the specific needs of global financial institutions.

At CUBE, we believe the following:

  • If a provider you speak with can’t demonstrate expertise in financial services regulation, they don’t understand your challenges.
  • If they can’t provide complete regulatory content spanning multiple jurisdictions, that should be a red flag for any global business.
  • If they can’t monitor regulatory change across multiple business functions or regulatory topics, they can’t grow with your business.
  • If they can’t provide you with any regulatory data enrichment or downstream automation, beyond a mass of unstructured regulatory content, you will spend more time interpreting it than you save capturing it.

For enterprise-scale regulatory change management…consider CUBE.

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