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InfoGov Insights Webinar Extract: How to prove an ROI for Regulatory Intelligence

CUBE recently hosted a webinar with Matthew Bernstein and Lynn Molfetta of MC Bernstein Data, as well as our very own Head of Customer Success, Lee Fairey, to discuss the growing significance of Regulatory Intelligence within Information Governance.

During the webinar, Lee, Lynn and Matthew took questions from the audience. CUBE reflects on the answers provided on topics from ROI for Regulatory Intelligence, to the future of information governance. In this extract, Lynn Molfetta explains how to position return on investment for regulatory intelligence.

How does regulatory intelligence play a part when formulating a business case to customers or prospects and how do you prove the return on investment?

Without a Regulatory Intelligence tool, it is virtually impossible to manage your data throughout its lifecycle.  One of the biggest projects I worked on in my last role was to partner with the senior stakeholders in the organization to roll out a defensible disposal program for the company. This included defining the retention rules for all applications and data sets, and working with legal and the businesses to account for the legal and regulatory obligations.

Regulatory Intelligence was such an important component for the program because it enabled us to search and tag the data and put in place consistent processes.

Defensible disposal is all about consistency and regulatory intelligence enables you to be consistent.  Having a reliable knowledge base enables you to defend the decisions made with transparency by applying consistent repeatable processes with documented audit trails.  You can easily do that with a regulatory intelligence system and regulators and auditors expect this.

Listen to the Webinar in full