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How will COVID-19 affect the future of finance? A webinar extract

Amidst the chaos and confusion of COVID-19, we recently took the time to have a virtual chat with Terri Duhon, chair of the risk committee at Morgan Stanley International and Rathbones Brothers, to discuss how the pandemic might affect the future of the financial services industry.

As an industry expert, with 25 years of market experience – from derivatives trader to Oxford University lecturer to committee chair (and everything in between), Terri has a wealth of knowledge about what makes the market tick. She even wrote a book on it!

This webinar covers the length and breadth of financial services and how they could be affected by coronavirus:

  • Can financial institutions ever predict these black-swan events?
  • How are banks faring in terms of capital and liquidity, as well as operational risk?
  • Will we see a relaxing of regulation with people working from home, especially with regard to data and record-keeping?
  • Does working from home pose new risks – not only in terms of meeting regulations but also with regard to productivity and wellness?

Terri also shares with us tales of individuals using their work phones to record conversations being had on landlines, daily phone calls from direct-reports, and of CFOs excited by the prospect of cutting their real estate footprint.

The conclusion? While the current situation may seem bleak, the future holds silver linings.

The webinar is available here