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Integrate seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructures and GRC platforms via Open APIs.

Undoubtedly, like all large financial institutions, you will have invested heavily in the platforms, systems and processes that your compliance and risk frameworks are based upon. And, while you may be eager to embrace innovation, integration with your current infrastructure is a prerequisite for any new implementation.

Despite your incumbent platforms, systems and processes relying on regulatory data to drive value, none of them are automatically data-enabled, leading to inefficient and slow manual data entry.

CUBE Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) integrates seamlessly with your technology infrastructures, GRC and other platforms. Open APIs deliver exceptional levels of connectivity and allow regulatory data generated by CUBE DRP to be effortlessly ingested into existing systems and processes.

Integration with pre-existing platforms and systems eliminates fragmentation and accelerates processes that are reliant on real-time regulatory intelligence and change data.

While there are many different ways that our customers and partners may choose to integrate CUBE DRP into their enterprise, here are the three most typical examples:

Integration examples

Integration with GRC

Whether you are utilizing your GRC platform for incident management, policy and controls management or one of many other purposes, its functions and the processes surrounding them would benefit from CUBE DRP’s real-time regulatory intelligence and regulatory change data.

Via our open source API you can ingest CUBE DRP regulatory data into your existing systems and processes, specifying what, when and how it should be ingested.

Integration with compliance and risk processes

It can take months to complete compliance processes when up-to-date regulatory intelligence is not readily available.

By ingesting CUBE DRP regulatory intelligence directly into your compliance and governance processes, data concerning relevant regulatory requirements and your regulatory obligations is immediately available, which saves time and in many cases improves customer service.

Integration with information archival platforms

CUBE DRP integrates with information archival platforms, for fully-automated information compliance. All relevant regulations, rules, policies and controls are automatically linked to records and data within the platform.

When a record relating to a specific jurisdiction is archived, CUBE DRP specifies the rules to apply (e.g. store on WORM, or dispose after three years), which automatically influences how the information is stored. Regulatory changes are fed directly to the platform in real time, to ensure compliance.