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Market FinTech Ranks CUBE Top Global RegTech Supplier in 2019 Report

CUBE has been ranked as the #1 company in Market FinTech's RegTech Suppliers Report 2019.

Market FinTech has announced that CUBE’s regulatory intelligence and regulatory change management solution has achieved the overall number one ranking in the 2019 Market FinTech RegTech Suppliers Report.

CUBE’s Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) was awarded the top spot in four key categories:

  1. Compliance, Risk and Due Diligence Universal Tool
  2. Regulatory Reporting Tools
  3. Transaction Reporting and Monitoring
  4. Legislation/Regulatory Gap Analysis

“Since last year’s report CUBE has scaled rapidly, building upon previous successes to grow customer revenues, launch a collaborative global alliances program, and achieve further success in North America and Europe,” comments Market FinTech Founder and Report Editor Tina Snelling.

According to Market FinTech, “By replacing highly inefficient and labor-intensive manual processes with intelligent, enterprise-scale automation, CUBE has proven that customers are able to achieve significant cost savings and mitigate the risk of enforcement fines. Customers’ regulatory specialists are able to focus on high-value, proactive tasks to implement regulatory change and oversee execution more efficiently, rather than having to spend time and effort monitoring regulatory change manually.”

CUBE’s Digital Regulation Platform (DRP) is a regulatory intelligence and regulatory change management solution, purpose-built for tracking, capturing, interpreting and evaluating global financial services regulation, in 60 languages across 180 countries. Through AI-driven automation, CUBE customers can quickly assess the impact of regulation on their own policies and controls, at enterprise scale, enabling faster, smarter and more cost-effective remediation.

“MarketFinTech’s validation of CUBE as the top-performing RegTech supplier globally reinforces our reputation as the market-leading provider of enterprise-scale regulatory intelligence and regulatory change management solutions. We have seen a marked shift in the readiness of financial firms to embrace solutions, such as CUBE, that can demonstrably cut the cost of regulatory change management and mitigate regulatory exposure,” said Ben Richmond, CUBE’s Founder and CEO.

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