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New FinTech50 report features insights from CUBE founder

'2019: The Tipping Point' is a report that features 25 industry experts providing insights on the state of FinTech.

2019: The Tipping Point – 25 founders and leaders offering insights on FinTech funding, collaboration and trust

Foreword by Julie Lake
CEO/Co-founder – The Fintech50

The best thing about The FinTech50, aside from the fantastic fintech businesses it showcases each year, is our community of founders, innovators, leaders, investors, advisers and all-round gurus.

In these “interesting” times, we wanted to know what they were thinking about the issues shaping the space we inhabit. So for this first short report of 2019 (there will be more) we put 9 questions to 25 leaders in the European sector. Some are FinTech50 selection panel members; some are founders of FinTech50 listed companies, including those who made this year’s top five. Others are leading advisers to the sector.

As well as seeking their views on topics such as collaboration, trust and who *isn’t* being served by fintech, we also gave them one wish for the year ahead (pp 18-19).

In a complete 180° from FinTech50 selection, which involves a “lively” discussion amongst our panel, we spoke to contributors independently.

This produced some gems (as expected), but it also revealed the underlying ying & yang of the fintech universe, where all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. Three examples in this report: Sincere thanks to all who took the time to contribute, and to everyone taking the time to read this. We look forward to bringing you more insights in 2019.

Read the report – 2019: The Tipping Point

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