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MetLife chooses CUBE as open innovation program finalist in Japan

CUBE continues to impress the MetLife open innovation judges and has been selected as a collab 4.0 participant.

Building on our success in MetLife Singapore’s collab 3.0 contest in May 2018, CUBE has been selected as one of just six finalists to participate in collab 4.0, in Japan.

Run by LumenLab, MetLife Asia’s Singapore-based innovation centre, collab 4.0 is an open innovation program that aims to match Insurtech startups from around the world with the right opportunities within MetLife Japan.

Following a rigorous application process, MetLife has chosen CUBE to compete for a revenue-generating contract of JPY 10,000,000, which represents an opportunity to develop a longer term relationship with MetLife Japan. Finalists will also gain access to MetLife Japan’s ecosystem, and the validation of leading Fortune 50 customers.

The CUBE team will present to collab 4.0 judges in early December 2018, in the category “State of the Art Compliance”.

Meet CUBE in Japan

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