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Ben Richmond, CUBE Founder and CEO, named IRTA UK Chapter President

As its new Chief Executive Officer, Ben will assume strategic responsibility for mobilization of IRTA operations.

Since May 2017, Ben has played an instrumental part in launching the IRTA in his role as Chapter President for the UK and Ireland. In this newly created position, Ben will assume strategic responsibility for mobilization of IRTA operations across the globe.

IRTA Members will benefit from a wide range of initiatives designed to promote collaboration, foster innovation and education, ensure quality, drive consistency and achieve transparency in RegTech. Many of these initiatives, including the work of the IRTA Innovation Advisory Council whose RegTech Open Innovation Manifesto was published in 2017, are already well under way.

Ben Richmond said: “RegTech experts, practitioners, academics, regulated firms and regulators are eagerly supporting our proposition. The IRTA is the only non-profit membership association with a mandate to build a truly global RegTech ecosystem, which will benefit extensively from shared knowledge and experience. I am excited to be leading the team that will make this happen, and looking forward to working with individuals and established regional RegTech groups to achieve common goals.”

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