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CUBE Culture

A message from Ben Richmond, our CEO & Founder

Corporate sustainability underpins our entire organisation as a philosophy of good business practices. It doesn’t just include philanthropy, environmental concerns and our communities; it includes the way we operate – from our board to our approach to learning and development – from how we think about customers to our approach to transforming regulatory compliance.

Sustainability is all about following good practice. It is about managing our organization with an eye to the future and managing our people and resources fairly and positively. Sustainability is a priority for our leadership team – and will remain a priority as we look to the future.

Ben Richmond, Founder and CEO of CUBE

CUBE’s community

CUBE believes in community and supporting others – from our employees to our environment to communities around the globe:

  • We are making a difference to the communities local to our offices and where our employees live – including sponsoring a local football team.
  • We direct our resources and efforts towards places where they will yield the greatest possible reward.
  • We support and encourage our employees to be active members of their communities, whatever that might mean to them.

Supporting our staff

The modern working world is evolving. The idea that working from home is ‘only for Fridays’ is a thing of the past.

At CUBE, we’re creating the future – we’re a company rooted in technology, so we embrace that technology across our working practices.

CUBE embraces a work-from-home culture: it breeds productivity, is more efficient, and enables our employees to be more flexible and engaged with transformative online solutions and infrastructures in place.

On top of that, our employees avoid daily commutes, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint – it’s a win-win.

To support our employees, CUBE has a ‘Design Your Home Office’ (DYHO) policy, whereby we invest in the tech and equipment our employees need to create their perfect home working environment.

Of course, CUBE still encourages teamwork and face-to-face interaction and we continue to provide the facilities and resources to support this too.

Company-wide socials

Our team is working hard on creating transformative tech, but CUBE knows that everybody needs a break now and then.

We frequently host company-wide social events, both virtually and in-person – to keep the community spirit alive.

Our annual events include summer socials, fun runs, team sports events, company BBQs, Christmas parties and various other social gatherings.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re determined not to lose our team spirit and continue to host virtual hangouts… not to mention our famous CUBE quiz.

CUBE in the community

MIND & JigsawTrust

CUBE has taken part in the Colour Obstacle Run in Brighton, in in aid of Mind and Jigsaw Trust.

As well as raising money for charitable causes, the run brought together employees from across the company – from various locations – and put their teamwork to the test.

Gambia Gambia Projects

CUBE is an active supporter of Gambia Projects, a charity devoted to supporting the academic endeavours of children in Gambia. The charity helps fund children to get into school and continue with education throughout their formative years – from nursery to senior school up to extended education. CUBE has seen a number of the children it sponsors able to move into university education and embark upon successful careers thereafter.